flight from the land


live in the sunshine, life in the wild air, swim in the river.
live in the heavy rains, life in the wild smog, swim in a crowd.


13 thoughts on “flight from the land

  1. This is beautiful and heavy like the other commenter suggests. But I think the city isn’t necessarily and ugly place or even departed from the land – thinking like this can move us farther from the land, no? I find this work so interesting because the sadness in the painting comes from the human, not the land or the city

    1. in fact I like the cities and I don’t want to claim that cities are bad, well, I thought the girl couldn’t decide what was or is better for her. Maybe she had to move to the city even though she feels more comfortable in the rural areas. Thanks for your great contribution. 😉

  2. Something about this really grabs me, I think it may be memories of when I was a youngster looking at golden books (children’s picture books) which showed different views of the world, and cities with people doing different jobs.

      1. Well, it was painted on a Din a2 paper, and I used fineliner and watercolor, at the end, neon pink acrylic. 😉 but by the photo it dosen’t look so well.

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