above the rooftops // in progress

city gelb schwarz

6 thoughts on “above the rooftops // in progress

    1. well, first of all I want to say sorry for my probable bad English. I just have started to write half in English, in order to reach more people who enjoy to see my posts.
      as regards this subject ”bio”: This question deals with reality and the virtual world. The recognition you get induced by good blog-posts, does not exist in my everyday life. Why I try to keep away my private story from the Internet.
      When you consider a picture, you can’t see the painter itself, instead you descry a story or message that only partially has to do with the real life of an artist.
      I am very pleased to hear that you enjoy my structural mystery of drawing and painting.
      😉 I do not know if I could express what I want to say, but when you still be on the lookout for the likely boring creator of these images, I should like to do my share.

      best wishes
      a penny for your thoughts.

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